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August 26, 2010

What are the applications of Transformer?

1. Transformer can step up or step down the voltage or current in an A.C. circuit.
2. It can be used to prevent D.C. from passing from one circuit to the other.
3. It can isolates two circuit electrically.
4. It can increase or decrease the v...alue of capacitor, inductor or resistance in an A.C. circuit.

August 25, 2010

The two electric bulbs of 60W and 100W are given. Which one will be brighter when they are connected (i) In Series and (ii) In Parallel? And Why?

1. The resistance of a 60W bulb is much more than that of 100W bulb. When they are connected in series. 40W bulb will be more brighter (where P=I^2R).

2. When the two bulbs are connected in parallel, the 100W bulb will be more brighter (where P=V^2/R).

August 24, 2010

Why the Direction of Rotation of a TABLE Fan & CEILING Fan is different?

Actually ceiling fan can be designed to move either clockwise or anticlockwise direction.It all depend on whether they are set for winter or summer. A switch or extra connection may be needed to get both direction which has only one type of... direction.

For Summer they are so set so that the air moves downward to make us cool--- clockwise

For winter(when the air is cool) the air should move toward the ceiling to take away the cool air from us to give us comfort--- anticlockwise

The direction of rotation of a table fan is determined by the shape of the blades. A motor can be made to run in either direction but to force air to the front of the table fan, it must rotate in the direction that the blades will force the air properly.

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