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June 8, 2013

Mention The major features of a good protective gear for alternator and transformer

Major features of a good protective gear
ü  High speedy
ü  Selectivity
ü  High sensitivity
ü  Stability
ü  Simplicity
ü  Reliability

Write down the Protective System of Alternator and Transformer

Alternator protection
ü  Differential protection system
ü  Balanced Earth fault protection
ü  Stator-inter run protection

Transformer protection
ü  Using Buchholz relay
ü  Combined leakage and overload protection
ü  Circulating-current scheme for transformer protection

Write down some major Faults of Alternator and Transformer.

Major faults in Alternator

  • ü  Failure of prime-mover
  • ü  Failure of field
  • ü  Over Current
  • ü  Over Voltage
  • ü  Over Speed
  • ü  Stator Winding faults
  • ü  Unbalanced loading

Major faults in Transformer

ü  Open circuits
ü  Over heating
ü  Earth Fault
ü  Phase-to-Phase fault
ü  Over Load
ü  Phase to ground fault
ü  Incipient fault
ü  High voltage surge fault

How can a circuit element absorb power?

By converting electrical energy into-

  • Heat (resistors in toasters); 
  • Light (light bulbs); 
  • Acoustic energy (speakers); 
  • Storing energy (charging a battery).

June 2, 2013

EEE Project -1 : 15- Step Digital Power Supply

Its is a simple circuit to obtain variable DC voltage from 1.25V to 15.19V in reasonably small

Download Instruction:
1. Click on the 'Download Now' button
2. Wait for five seconds and then click on 

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