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May 30, 2013

Draw the Three-Phase Diagram of the Protection Team.

Three-Phase Diagram of the Protection Team.

Write down some Elements of Protection System.

Protection System Elements:

¤ Protective relays
¤ Circuit breakers
¤ Current and voltage transducers
¤ Communications channels
¤ DC supply system
¤ Control cables

How Do Relays Detect Faults?

¤  When a fault takes place, the current, voltage, frequency, and other electrical variables behave in a peculiar way. For example:
o   Current suddenly increases 
o   Voltage suddenly decreases 
¤  Relays can measure the currents and the voltages and detect that there is an overcurrent, or an undervoltage, or a combination of both 
¤  Many other detection principles determine the design of protective relays

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