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January 22, 2013

What are the general criteria for the 21st century substation design?

General criteria for  the 21st century substation design:
For the substation development to reach its technical and economical potentials, the focus  has moved now to studying how substations may enable more intelligence in the network, which is labeled the “smart grid” development. It has been concluded that the 21st century substation design should meet the following improved criteria: reliability, security, interoperability, re-configurability, controllability, maintainability, flexibility, reduced cost and environmental impact. An estimate of the importance of the different criteria is shown in Fig. 1. The four major criteria commonly emphasized by substation designers are reliability, cost, operational flexibility and environment impact.

Figure 1. Different criteria for the 21st century substation design 

What are the Important considerations in substation design?

Important  considerations in substation design:

  • Safety of personnel and equipment
  • Reliability and Security
  • Adherence to
o   Statutory obligations  i.e. rules, Environmental aspects
o   Electrical design considerations
o   Structural design considerations

  •      Ease of maintenance
  •       Possibility to Expand

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