April 20, 2012

What are the advantages of static relay over electromagnetic relay?

Advantages of static relay over electromagnetic relay:

  1. Low power consumption as low as 1mW.
  2. No moving contacts; hence associated problems of arcing, contact bounce, erosion, replacement of contacts.
  3. No gravity effect on operation of static relays. Hence can be used in vessels, i.e., ships, aircrafts etc.
  4. A single relay can perform several functions like over current, under voltage, single phasing protection by incorporating respective functional blocks. This is not possible in electromagnetic relays.
  5. Static relay is compact.
  6. Superior operating characteristics and accuracy.
  7. Static relay can think, programmable operation is possible with static relay.
  8. Effect of vibration is nil, hence can be used in earthquake-prone areas.
  9. Simplified testing and servicing. Can convert even non-electrical quantities to electrical in conjunction with transducers.


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  2. Please give INDUCTION TYPE INVERSE TIME OVERCURRENT RELAY construction and working


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