August 22, 2012

What do you understand by the term cogeneration? Give its significance.

Cogeneration is a high efficiency energy system that produces both electricity (or mechanical energy) and valuable heat from single fuel source. Cogeneration is some times known as combined heat and not only generates power but also provides heat for industrial purposes. For example a hospital cogeneration plant would produce some of power and all hot water needed for its laundry and hot water system from the waste heat it generates. 

Significance : 
  • It reduces energy costs and green house gas emissions typically by upto two-third. In addition to reduction in cost, cogeneration also increases resource utilization. It offers major economic and environmental facilities because it turns otherwise wasted heat into a useful energy source. 
  • Cogeneration is a proven and reliable technology currently operating at over 100 sites across Australia. 
  • There is significant potential for cogeneration plants fired by other fuels, including biomass (e.g., plant waste from sugar or cotton harvesting), or biogas (e.g., methane produced by sewage works or piggeries). 


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