July 3, 2012

What is a Stepper Motor? What are the application of stepper motor?

Stepper Motor
The stepper motor is a motor which takes input pulses and then takes proportional steps to input these signals. You can use for positioning and/or speed control for most any applications.
Stepper motor with cable

The stepper motor needs a power circuit and a sequence circuit for changing phase.

  • Medical: Infusion Pump, Brad Test, X-ray, Dialysis, DNA Extraction, Pump 
  • Semiconductor: Masking, Etching, Wafer Handling, Test-equipment, Die-Bonder 
  • FA: Pick & Place, NC Machine, X-Y-Z stage 
  • OA: Printer, Fax, Scanner 
  • HA: HVAC, Cleaner Robot 
  • Other: Vending machine


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  2. Very nice information has been given on stepper motor.We can get an real insight of what stepper motor really is.


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