July 3, 2012

What are the two advantages of stepper motors? Give a few applications of them .

Advantages of stepper motors:
  • They can be directly controlled by computers, micro-processors and programmable controllers.
  • Precision control of speed without using closed loop feedback. 

i) Operation control:
Such motors used for operational control in computer peripherals, textile  industries, IC fabrications and robotics etc.
ii) Incremental motion: 
Applications requiring incremental motion are typewriters, line printers, tape drivers, floppy disk drivers, numerically controlled machine tools, process-control systems and X-Y plotters.
iii) Others:
It includes commercial, military and medical applications where these motors  perform functions as mixing, cutting, striking, metering, blending and purging.  They also take part in manufacture of packed food stuffs, commercial end products and even the production of science fiction movies.


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