September 12, 2016

Compare JFET’s and MOSFET’s.

Comparison of JFET’s and MOSFET’s:

JFETs and MOSFETs are quite similar in their operating principles and in their electrical characteristics. However, they differ in some aspects, as detailed below :
How it operates
Voltage controlled
Voltage controlled.
Gain (Transconductance)
Low transconductance (gain)
Low transconductance (gain)
Input Impedance
JFETs are depletion type transistors only.
MOSFETs can be depletion type or enhancement type.
Input Impedance
JFETs offer less input impedance than MOSFETs. JFETs typically offer about 109 Ω of impedance.
MOSFETs offer greater input impedance. MOSFETs typically offer about 1014Ω of impedance, sometimes greater.
JFETs are somewhat cheaper to manufacture than MOSFETs. They have a less sophisticated manufacturing process.
MOSFETs are slightly more expensive to manufacture than JFETs.
Susceptibility to Damage
JFETs are less susceptible to damage from ESD because they have greater input capacitance than MOSFETs.
MOSFETs are more susceptible to damage from ESD because the metal oxide insulator that insulates the gate from the drain-source channel lowers the capacitance of the gate. This makes high voltage more able to break through and destroy the transistor.
JFETs are less popular than MOSFETs.
MOSFETs are more popular and widely used today than JFETs.


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