September 1, 2012

Describe a typical coreless type of induction furnace and its special features.

Coreless induction furnace and its special features:
The coreless furnace consists of a crucible formed from a refractory material, which contains the charge to be melted. This crucible is surrounded by a helical induction coil (also called inductor) through which the alternating current flows. The heavy currents are introduced in the charge by transformer action. The heat results from I2effect within the charge. 
The advantages of induction furnaces, in general, include faster and efficient melting, relatively low melting cost. Higher temperature can be attained, can be used for temperature holding etc. The induction furnaces are used for melting, temperature holding, and super heating purposes. 

Special features are:-
- Line frequency coreless induction furnace.
- Medium frequency coreless induction furnace. 


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