September 1, 2012

What are the factors which are involved in circuit breaker rating.

Factors involved in circuit breaker rating:
The following rated quantities for HV ac circuit breeders-

  • Opening time: interval of time between energizing the shunt trip coil and instant of  separation of arcing contact in all poles
  • Breaking time: it is time between energizing of opening release and the instant of  final arc extinction. 
  • Closing time: The time interval between energizing of closing circuit and contact touch with all poles. 
  • Open close time: it is time between separation of arcing contacts all the poles and contact touch in first pole deriving open close operation. 
  • Reclosing time: Time between energizing of shunt trip release and contact toad in all poles. 
  • Close-open time: Time between contact touch in first pole and separation of arcing contact in all poles during close open operation. 
The rated characteristics of circuit breaker include rated normal current, rated voltage, rated insulation level, rated transient recovery voltage, rated short circuit breaking current, rated short circuit making current, rated operation sequence etc. 


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