February 9, 2017

What Types of Motors Used in Fans, Treadmill exercisers, Vacuum cleaners, Blenders, Clocks, Phonographic appliances, Vending machines, Refrigerators, Rolling mills, Lathes, Power factor improvement, and CD/DVD players?

Following motors are used: 

  • Fans - AC induction shaded-pole motor.
  • Treadmill exercisers - Brushed DC motor.
  • Phonographic appliances and clocks – Hysteresis motor.
  • Vending machines – Shaded pole motor.
  • Refrigerators – Capacitor split phase motors.
  • Rolling mills – Cumulative motors.
  • Lathes – DC shunt motors.
  • Power factor improvement – Synchronous motors. 
  • CD/DVD players - Brushless DC motor.


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