February 10, 2017

What is Power Plant? What are the different types of Power Plants?

Power Plant:

A power plant, also referred to as a generating station, power plant, powerhouse, or generating plant may be defined as a machine or assembly of equipment that generates and delivers a flow of mechanical or electrical energy. The main equipment for the generation of electric power is generated. When coupling it to a prime mover runs the generator, the electricity is generated.

Figure: 2x120 MW Gas Turbine Peaking Power Plant, Siddhirganj, Bangladesh.

Classification of Power Plants:

a) Conventional
    1. Steam Engines Power Plants
    2. Steam Turbine Power Plants
    3. Diesel Power Plants
    4. Gas Turbine Power Plants
    5. Hydro-Electric Power Plants
    6. Nuclear Power Plants

          b) Non-conventional
            1. Thermo-electric Generator
            2. Therm-ionic generator
            3. Fuel-cells Power Plants
            4. Photovoltaic solar cells Power System
            5. MHD Power Plants
            6. Fussion Reactor NPP Power System
            7. Biogas, Biomass Energy Power system
            8. Geothermal Energy
            9. Wind Energy Power System
            10. Ocean Thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
            11. Wave and Tidal Wave
            12. Energy Plantation Scheme


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