February 19, 2017

What is pressure sensor? Describe some applications of pressure sensors.

Pressure sensor:

A pressure sensor is defined as a device that responds to the pressure applied to its sensing surface and converts the pressure to a measurable signal. The most common family of force and pressure sensors is made up of those based on strain gauges and piezoelectric sensors.

Some applications of pressure sensors are listed below:

  1. Fuel pressure: Pressure sensors are used to measure fuel pressure during fuel pumping.  
  2. Fluid flow: Pressure sensors are used to measure the differential pressure across an orifice. For example, intake airflow or engine coolant flow is measured in this way.  
  3. Air pressure: An aneroid barometer (a kind of pressure sensor) is used to measure the air pressure outside an aircraft.  
  4. Tire pressure: Pressure sensors are used to monitor the pressure in vehicle tires. 
  5. Blood pressure: A small sensor is penetrated into blood vessels to measure blood  pressure. 
  6. Altitude sensing: The relationship between changes in pressure relative to altitude is used to measure the altitude in aircraft, rockets, satellites, and weather balloons.     


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