February 9, 2017

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of AC Induction Motors?


AC induction motors have their own advantages. These includes-

  • Simplicity of design – simple & cheap to construct.
  • Reliability – they have no brushes or commutator and there is little friction to wear parts away.
  • They can be built to suit almost any industrial requirement.
  • They are economical and efficient to run for most purposes.
  • Poly-phase induction motors are self-starting  


AC induction motors have some disadvantages as well. These include-

  • They only work on AC.
  • Their maximum speed is limited by the supply frequency (a 50 Hz supply limits the motor to about 3000 rpm).
  • The Starting torque is low – they do not get heavy loads moving very quickly.
  • They are not as efficient as some other AC motors when used in heavy industrial applications.


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