February 15, 2017

What is a Split Phase motor? What are the Applications of Split Phase Induction Motor?

Split Phase Motor:

This is a single-phase induction motor equipped with an auxiliary winding connected in shunt with the main stator winding that differs from it in both phase and spacing. The Split Phase Motor is also known as a Resistance Start Motor.
Figure: Split phase induction motor.
The auxiliary winding is usually opened by a centrifugal device when the motor has reached a predetermined speed. The fields of these two windings act on the rotor to produce a small starting torque. Once the motor is started, it produces its own rotating field and no longer requires the starting torque.

Applications of Split Phase Induction Motor:

Split phase motors are used where low to moderate starting torque is sufficient.  They are designed up to 1/3 HP. The various applications are as follows:
  • Used in the washing machine, and air conditioning fans.
  • The motors are used on mixer grinder, floor polishers.
  • Blowers, Centrifugal pumps.
  • Drilling and lathe machine.


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