February 21, 2017

List of Acronyms on Digital Electronics


ACDS advance combat direction   system.
ACRO (or CRO) auxiliar cathod readout.
ALT key —alternat key.
A/N —alphanumeric.
APA —all points addressable.
AM —amplitude modulation.
ASCII   —American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASTAB automated status board.
ASW —antisubmarine   warfare.
BC —broadcast.
BDU —basic display unit.
BER —bit error rate.
BITE built-in test equipment.
BPS —bits per second.
C2P —Command and Control Processor.
CAG —central automated status board generator.
CCAEP computer-controlleaction entrpanel.
CDB —central data buffer.
C-DITEG commodigital television graphics generator.
CDS —combat direction system.
CED consolelectronic drawer.
CEG —centraequipmengroup.
CGA —color graphics adapter.
CIGARS console internally generated and refreshed symbols.
CIU —computeinterface unit.
CONICS circles and ellipses.
CP —clock pulse.
CPS —cycles per second.
CRO —TV monitor.
CRT —cathode-ray tube.
CTRL —control.
dB —decibels.
DCC —display control console.
DCI —direct computer interface.
DDEU digital data entry unit.
DDI (1) digital data indicator; (2) digital display indicator.
DITEG digital television graphics generator.
DIV —diversity.
DLRP Data Link Reference Point.
DMU —display multiplexer unit.
DRAC digital radar azimuth converter.
DSC —digital scan converter.
DTS —data terminal set.
EDAC error detection and correction.
EF word —external function word.
EGA enhance graphic adapter.
EMI/RFI —electromagnetic   interference/radio frequency interference.
EPROM —erasable, programmable read-only memory.
ESC key —escape key.
FM —frequency modulation.
GUI —graphic user interface.
HF —high frequency.
HVPS —high voltage power supply.
HZ —hertz.
I/O —input/output.
IFF/SIF —identification, friend or foe/selective identification feature.
JTIDS Join Tactica Informatio Distribution System.
J-SERIES MESSAGE The fixed format messages containing tactical data and commands that are used to exchange information over the JTIDS system.
JU —JTD Unit.
LCD —liquid crystal display.
LCLV liquid crystal light valve.
LED indicator light-emittin diod indicator.
LINK-4A The tactical digital data link for controller-to-controlled aircraft communications.
INK-11—The tactical digital data link for communications among a multiple number of units.
LINK-16 The tactical digital data link for communication among a multiple number of units.  This link is a secure, jam resistant, nodeless, high-capacitlinky that uses the JTIDS terminal.
LSB —Lower Side Band.
LSD —large screen display.
VPS low voltage power supply.
MDA —Monochrom Displa Adapter.
M-SERIES MESSAGES Link-1 messages.
NCS —Net Control Station.
NCT —Net Cycle Time.
NICP Networ Interfac Control Program.
N-SERIES MESSAGES The “normalized” messages exchanged between the C2P computer and the ADCS computer.
NTDS naval tactical data system.
ODR —output data request.
OJT —on-the-job training.
OSC —operations summary console.
PA/SG pulsamplifier/symbol generator.
PC —personacomputer.
PEFT peripheraequipment functionatest.
PIO —periphera I/O
PIXEL picturelement.
PMS —planned maintenancsystem.
POFA programmeoperations functional appraisal.
PPI —plan position indicator.
PPLI —precise participant location and identification.
PPU —projection plotting unit.
PROM programmablread-only memory.
PU —participatinunit.
RAC —radar azimuth converter.
RAM —randoaccess memory.
RC —Roll Call.
RDDS radar data distribution switchboard.
RELNAV relative navigation.
RF —radio frequency.
RGB red, blue, green.
ROM read-only memory.
ROM BIOS ready-onlmemorbasic input output system.
R-SERIES MESSAGES Link-4messages from the controlled aircraft that are sent in response to a control message
SAC —sonar azimuth converter.
SCG —sensor converter group.
SDDS sensodata distribution switchboard.
SG —symbogenerator.
SRAC synchro radar azimuth converter.
SVGA super videographics array.
TDM —tactical   DITEG   module.
TDS tactical data system.
TFT —thin film transistor.
TMG —test message generator.
TN —trac number.
TQ —track quality.
TSLO third salvo lock out.
TTL —transistor-transistor logic.
TVC —television converter group.
TVSC television scan converter.
UHF —ultra-high frequency.
USB —upper side band.
V/C word —velocity/category word.
VDT —video display terminal.
VFK panel variable function key panel.
VGA video graphics array.
V-SERIES MESSAGES Link-4control messages sent from the controlling station to the controlled aircraft.
VSS —video signals simulator.
XGA —extended graphics array.


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