February 12, 2017

How to select a Motor?

How to select a Motor?

Selection of a Motor:

The selection of a driving motor depends primarily on the conditions under which it has to operate and the type of load it has to handle. Main guiding factors for such a selection are as follows :

(a) Electrical characteristics
  1. Starting characteristics 
  2. Running characteristics
  3. Speed control 
  4. Braking

(b) Mechanical considerations
  1. Type of enclosure 
  2. Type of bearings
  3. Method of power transmission 
  4. Type of cooling
  5. Noise level

(c) Size and rating of motors
  1. Requirement for continuous, intermittent or variable load cycle
  2. Overload capacity

(d) Cost
  1. Capital cost 
  2. Running cost
In addition to the above factors, one has to take into consideration the type of current available whether alternating or direct. However, the basic problem is one of matching the mechanical output of the motor with the load requirement i.e. to select a motor with the correct speed/torque characteristics as demanded by the load. In fact, the complete selection process requires the analysis and synthesis of not only the load and the proposed motor but the complete drive assembly and the control equipment which may include rectification or frequency changing.

Source: A Textbook of Electrical Technology by BL Theraja, A K Theraja, Sedha R S - Volume-III


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