February 13, 2017

What are the Advantages of Parallel Operation of DC Generators?

Advantages of Parallel Operation of DC Generators:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Electric power cost reduces when generator produce electricity according to their capacity and easily manage demand and supply requirement. If there is less requirement of power, one or more units can be taken on hold or startup visa versa.
  • Smooth Supply of Power: In case of breakdown of generator, the supply of power will not get disrupted. If something goes wrong in one generator, the continuity of power can be continued by other healthy units.
  • Easy to Maintain: The routine maintenance of generator is required time to time. But for that supply of power cannot be obstructed. In parallel generators the routine checkup could be done one by one.
  • Easy to Increase Plant Capacity: The demand of electricity is increasing day by day. To meet the requirement of power generation, additional new unit can run paralleled with the running units.


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