February 20, 2017

What are the temperature sensors? Describe some applications of temperature sensors.

Temperature Sensors:

Temperature sensors measure the temperature, which is one of the most frequently measured physical quantities. Thermocouples, resistance temperature devices (RTDs), thermistors, and infrared thermometers represent different types of temperature sensors. The most common types of temperature sensors are thermocouples and RTDs. Thermistors are part of the RTD family. 

Some applications of temperature sensors include the following:

  1. Air conditioning: Temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature of the air to control air conditioners. 
  2. Heating systems: Temperature sensors are used to control heating systems to maintain the temperature in a room. 
  3. Cooling systems in computers: When a personal computer is running for a long time, the motherboard generates a great deal of heat. Using the temperature sensor to sense the temperature inside the computer’s case, the computer can automatically turn on the fan to reduce system temperature. It may also shut down the computer when high temperatures are detected.  
  4. Food transport and storage: Temperature sensors are used to make sure food does not exceed safe temperatures to minimize harmful bacterial growth.     


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